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Portfolio Management Begins with You

Your investments should always be aligned with your unique situation. We take great care building and maintaining a comprehensive financial plan for each Purposeful Wealth client. Your plan includes each aspect of your financial life. We then apply sophisticated statistical simulations  to determine the optimal mix of investments for your unique plan, preferences, goals, and aspirations. 

The Right Risks Can Help You Grow

We’ll take you through a comprehensive risk analysis to gain insights on your individual tolerance for volatility and your desire for growth. You’ll see your current portfolio compared to our recommended mix. We’ll show you how they both stack up to your financial plan and your risk profile. We can stress test both portfolios against a variety of market moving events to quickly show you how each portfolio might fare in different market environments. 

Your Hard-Earned Assets Deserve Thoughtful, Strategic Allocation

Our strategic allocation guides all of our long-term decisions. This includes determining the best balance of stocks, bonds, and cash for you in a “perfect world”. We continually improve on your plan by controlling the things we can control. By using low-cost, tax-friendly investments when making financial planning decisions, we help work toward achieving your biggest goals.

Tactical Tilts | Rules-Based Decision Making

Because the world is rarely perfect and markets change quickly, we make investment adjustments when needed. We use 4 rules to assist us in making these decisions:

  1. Price Impact: The price you pay for something matters.

  2. Don’t Fight Central Banks: The Federal Reserve and central banks control monetary policy.  Don’t bet against them.  

  3. Don’t Fight the Trend: Let your profits run and cut your losses. Market momentum can be a very powerful indicator of short term direction. Don’t predict where markets are headed. Pay attention to how they’re behaving today and invest accordingly.

  4. Beware of the Crowd: Capital markets are made up of people who are wired to make irrational decisions. Resist the urge to follow the herd, especially during times of extreme market fear or greed.   


Customized Portfolios

No two clients are alike. At Purposeful Wealth, we customize portfolios based on your unique financial picture.

Some customized cases include:

  • Tax Management. Sometimes capital gains taxes associated with repositioning a portfolio outweigh the need to make a shift to our preferred investment. When this is the case, we try to work around those positions to still build the appropriate portfolio without incurring unnecessary taxes.

  • Concentrated Positions. Many of our clients have a large exposure to their company’s stock through options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans or Restricted Stock Units. We help these clients design an appropriate sales or hedging strategy to take emotion out of the process and reduce risk while still allowing for future potential appreciation.

  • Specialty Investments. For higher-net-worth investors, we may recommend alternative investments outside of our core managed portfolios from time to time. Some of these instruments can be used to potentially enhance diversification with returns which are not normally correlated to traditional stock or bond investments. Alternatively, they can be used to implement a specific hypothesis, if we believe an individual asset class or capital market offers unique value. Because many of these assets have more complicated fees, liquidity provisions and investments, we take the time to explain the risks and rewards of each recommended investment and how it fits with your investment portfolio.


Ongoing Review | Proactive Client Service

We communicate regularly with you and your other trusted advisors. As our client, you’ll have easy access to monthly account statements, personalized quarterly performance and your asset allocation. You can see how your portfolio is performing in real-time and how it’s behaved in the past relative to stated guidelines and benchmarks.

Dynamic portfolio management, comprehensive wealth planning, and a regimented review process help to ensure all your financial affairs are current, organized and aligned with your vision for your life and your legacy.

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