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path through partnership

We value our clients above all else and have developed a unique process

to ensure a positive experience with our firm.

Answering “How Much is Enough?”

Truly effective wealth planning involves knowing exactly how much money is enough to create and sustain your desired lifestyle.

This is why our approach to wealth planning seeks to answer this important question as we begin to define living in financial independence. You have worked your life to become successful, now it is time to become completely satisfied with your life.

Stepping Into the Process

All clients know exactly what we will do for them before we get started, because we implement our 3-Meeting Process at the beginning of our relationship. This allows every prospect to test-drive our firm and begin the wealth planning process with a thorough review of our service offerings and a clear picture of your financial life in its entirety.

Meeting No. 1: Explore

  • Learn about your past experiences and your future goals

  • Learn about you and your priorities, and your finances

  • Explain our philosophy, cost structure and service

  • Introduce team members

  • Ask us questions

Meeting No. 2: Evaluate

  • Gather all information and build out your customized financial plan

  • List all goals for your current situation and future needs

  • Discuss your individual risk tolerance and how that weigh in to your financial plan

  • Discuss future concerns around future health and wellness

  • A lot of research is done after this meeting to develop the best plan for your unique situation

Meeting No. 3: Recommendations

  • You will receive your customized financial plan

  • We will explain the confidence zone 

  • We will discuss  how to implement a successful financial plan 

  • Answer any lingering questions that have not been answered to this point

  • Get excited for the beginning of a 30+ year relationship to help get you to your goals 



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